Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Sew Inspired Giveaway

I thought it would be fun to launch this blog with my first tutorial and a giveaway too. I don't have much time to sew these days, but I still try to find time every so often. Sewing is such a stress reliever for me, because I enjoy it and it always feels good to finish something I made myself.

One of my recent projects was a flax seed hot/cold pack. My mother-in-law first introduced the idea of a hot/cold pack when she made my husband and I rice hot packs for Christmas one year. Then I discovered a little Etsy shop that sells hot/cold packs made with flax seed and I thought, "Hey, I can totally make that myself!" We always have flax seed in the house, because it's one of our favorite ingredients for yogurt parfaits or smoothies.

Flax seed has more oil content than rice and other fillers, so it holds heat longer. It also doesn't produce an odor like rice does and it can be used hot OR cold. It's a great alternative to an ice pack or heating pad for your little one's every day bumps and bruises. Remember when your mom would kiss your boo-boo and make it all better? Well, this little heart can do the same thing.

Step 1: Gather supplies (flax seed, fabric, pencil or marker, thread, sewing machine)

Step 2: Cut out your fabric. You can use any shape you want. If the pattern is not symmetrical, make sure to trace your fabric using opposite sides of the pattern so you have a front and back that matches up. 

 Step 3: Place fabric right sides together and sew a 1/4" seam leaving a small opening for turning it right side out.

Step 4: Turn fabric right side out.

 Step 5: Using a funnel, pour flax seed through opening of hot/cold pack slowly. If you used ground flax seed like I did, you may need to use a pencil to push the flax seed through the funnel.

Step 6: Top stitch a 1/4" seam on your hot/cold pack, making sure to sew the opening closed first.

Ta da! So easy, right...or, should I say sew easy? Of course, if you don't have any idea how to sew, it's probably not. So, I've decided to give away the hot/cold pack I made. All you have to do is leave a comment here. Winner will be drawn after 10 pm CST Thursday, April 29th.

Extra entries (not required, but optional ways to increase your chances of winning):

1. Follow this blog through Google Friend Connect so you don't miss another tutorial or sewing project as I begin sharing my sewing journey.

2. Share this blog through a blog post, twitter, or facebook.

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Thanks so much for visiting!

* This giveaway is now CLOSED! *


  1. i have a rice pack now...and it is really kinda stinky...would love to replace it with one that doesnt stink...thanks for sharing and the giveaway...pick me ;0)

  2. how fun! i have a stinky rice pack too. and some from the mall that the people with their crazy accents talk me into. seriously...if you had an accent and tried to sell me something i'd probably buy it because i LOVE the way you talk. lol. it'd be fun to play around with different things to throw in the packs. my favorite one from the mall has lavendar in it.

  3. even though i can't sew. i followed you. :0) it's fun to see other people's creations!

  4. I am now a follower of this blog! :)

  5. I love cute! I'm sure we would all get lots of use out of it around here!

  6. Love this little hot/cold pack! We would totally put it to good use if I won this! Can't wait to see your other sewing projects! I can't sew worth a lick but maybe after seeing what you make, I can get some inspiration! :)

  7. What a neat idea! That's interesting the flaxseed is better than rice.