Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fleece Longies

Today, I finally got around to sewing two more pairs of fleece longies for Sweet Pea.  Fleece longies are a great diaper cover alternative for the winter and also make cute pajama pants.  I'm hoping to sew a few more pairs of these for Sweet Pea, so we can use them when she decides to start potty training.  So far, every time I've asked her if she wants to go on the potty, she says, "No!", but she always tells me when she has "poo".  I have several Gerber training pants my aunt Sheri gave us and plan to use those with fleece longies instead of Pull-Ups, because it's more like underwear and will be easy for her to pull on and off by herself.  Plus, since I use cloth diapers already, I hate the thought of buying disposable training pants, because it seems to defeat the purpose of potty training.  For the first pair of fleece longies, I sewed a zigzag stitch along the edge of each leg cuff and for the second pair I just folded them over and sewed a straight stitch hem. I'm not sure which style I like best.

Fleece Longies #1

Fleece Longies #2

Friday, October 1, 2010

Owl Party Favors

Owl Party Favors

I was watching the first episode of season 2 of The DIY Dish a few weeks ago and decided right then that owls would be the theme for Almanzo's first birthday.  I couldn't wait to find some cute fabric and sew up some of these cute little owls for party favors.  I picked out three coordinating fabrics for his birthday banner (including one with owls!) and decided to match the stuffed owls to the banner.  I also found some minky fabric in the remnant fabric bin and, since I already had two other coordinating colors of minky fabric from previous fabric store trips, I decided to use the minky fabric for the base of the owl and the polka dot fabric to match the birthday banner for the wings.  I had some felt in my fabric stash, so I used that for the eyes and the beak.  I love the frayed look of the wings and the soft minky fabric.  I'm planning on making enough of these little cuties to give as party favors to all the little ones that come to his birthday party.  And I'm also going to use some coordinating paper to make owls to use as decorations.