Monday, June 28, 2010

Prairie Girl

I finally had some time today during a wonderfully long nap time to sew a peasant dress and bonnet for my Sweet Pea.  I used this pattern for a peasant blouse and added a few inches to make it a dress.  The pattern was so easy though that I'm already planning my next projects.  I might even make some modifications to add a pocket or a ruffle on the bottom and maybe even an apron to complete the prairie girl look.

Prairie Girl 1

I bought this pattern off of Etsy to make a bonnet and made the 12-24 month size.  I forgot to add a 1/4" seam when cutting it out and should have made the rim wider so it was more of a prairie bonnet than baby bonnet.  It was obviously a little small, but V loved it so much she wouldn't let me take it off.  Also, my stitching was a little crazy, since it was my first time making the pattern and it took a lot longer to make than the dress.

Prairie Girl 4

Prairie Girl 2

Prairie Girl 3

Tomorrow, I'm hoping to use the same pattern to make a fourth of July dress out of some cute patriotic fabric I bought last week and then I will make another bonnet and peasant dress set from some super cute "prairie-esque" fabric I found.  That is...if the kids both decide to take wonderfully long naps again...