Sunday, July 25, 2010

NICU Blankets

In lieu of buying a gift for Valerie's birthday this year (which she doesn't really need, because she is very blessed with plenty), I decided to use my sewing skills and all the fleece and flannel fabric I've accumulated to sew some blankets for the NICU.

NICU Blankets #2

Since both my children spent their first week of life in the wonderful care of the NICU doctors and nurses, it is a very special place to us.  When Almanzo was in the NICU, I gave the nurses several blankets I had made him to cuddle up with and so he would have a piece of me there when I wasn't.  The nurses commented on how soft and cute his blankets were and how they wished they had more blankets like that instead of the boring receiving blankets that were beginning to show their wear.

NICU Blankets #3

The blankets I made are approximately 15" x 15" squares with a little ribbon tag that were turned-and-topstitched. I added another little tag to each blanket with these words written on it:

NICU Blankets #1

We delivered these as a family on Valerie's birthday.  We are so thankful for all they have done...and, even more so, we are so thankful for God's protection and healing.  What a precious blessing these little ones are!


  1. This is so great that you do this!

  2. LOVE it! I wish there was something I could do for the PICU down at children's hospital as well, but my talents are not in the sewing area! I have thought so many times though on what I could do bc it is so hard being in the picu for weeks after your child has open heart surgery. Great idea! Praise God for your talent as well!

  3. this was super sweet of you to do!

  4. how sweet! they look amazing!!

  5. I love this idea and think it's such a blessing! What a special gift each of these families will be receiving!

  6. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, Stephanie!!! I love that you put the note with them. What an amazing way to use your testimony to show others God's love for them, even in the midst of uncertainty.